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If you are interested in working with GooseGeeks to create or modify any of your personal or business documents then please pick from one of our options below:

OPTION 1-We create and design your forms

Goosegeeks can schedule a free consultation with you to discuss the  type of custom document you need for your business.  Based on the information we received from you, we do all the work and design all forms to meet your business requirements.  Doing the design process, we will be sending you draft copies for your review to get your feedback.  After the final forms/documents are approved by you, we will provide you will the original word version and PDF version of your documents.  This is important because it gives your full control and the capabilities to edit and make additional changes to your documents  as needed without paying us any additional fees.

OPTION 2-We modify or enhance your existing business documents or forms

You can provide us with copies of your existing business forms and we can either recreate them from scratch or we can modify your existing forms and documents to make them look more professional. Even if you want us to replicate a business form you got from your competition or other business then we can do that as well.   

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OPTION 3-We develop presentation and marketing materials for your business

We will develop binded professional looking presentations as well as product catalog or any other marketing material you desire for your business.  

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